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Looking Good

Nov 24, 2015

Berried Cheer in a Wintery Garden

There are many choices of berried trees and shrubs for the garden that is entering its winter phase. The image on the home page is Ilex aquifolium 'Aurea Marginata', and there are many other choices from hollies that will create a similarly good warm and decorative effect, as well as helping to feed wild birds through the winter.

Come along to visit the nursery in our usual opening hours to see the range of berried trees and shrubs on offer to help enhance your garden in what can be the duller months of the year.

One of our favourite garden combinations at this time of year is the beautiful polished mahogony effect provided by the stems of Prunus serrula with shrubby Euonymus europaeus alba growing up amongst them.

Euonymus europaeus alba and Prunus serrula