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Looking Good

May 31, 2017

Scented Mock Orange in the Garden

At this time of the year we have the delights of the genus Philadelphus with beautifully scented white flowers. One of the finest and not growing huge is P. ‘Belle Etoile’ with sweetly scented blossom that persists through June. If you want something a bit bigger, then P. delavayii ‘Nymans’ with a rich heavy perfume. Shown on the Home page is the brightly leaved P. coronarius 'Aureus'

A total contrast but looking splendid in June is the American Swamp Honeysuckle with delightfully scented white flowers with a yellow flash. Don’t be confused by the name; in fact it is Rhododendron viscosum, an Azalea, and grows to about 8 feet tall.