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Looking Good

Dec 2, 2013

Populus tremula 'Pendula' in Bright Late Autumn Colour

With the continuation of the late autumn into winter we are getting some lovely leaf colour changes on the nursery and in our demonstration areas. Populus tremula 'Pendula' has been in bright yellow-gold colour for a few weeks now and the leaves are still holding well. Its an uplifting site from the office window on a dull but dry early December day. This aspen is a graceful and vigorous weeping tree if you want to make a statement in the garden (height from 8m up to about 20m). The largish purple catkins appear in late winter on the bare branches. The young foliage is reddish turning grey-green in the summer. We do a good range of poplar in the nursery - do have a look through our catalogue.