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Apple Varieties Introduced by Thornhayes Nursery

Jan 15, 2014

Ordering fruit trees from us this winter? Why don't you try a heritage variety introduced by Thornhayes Nursery  

Since founding the nursery in 1991, various people have come to Kevin with seedlings they have bred, often by accident. Those varieties that proved to have good disease resistance and produce quality fruit in the south west have been introduced in to our range.

Don’s Delight - An exceptionally scab and canker resistant variety brought to our attention and named after Don Cockman, former customer adviser with Suttons Seeds in Torquay. A vigorous, prolific variety, probably self fertile, producing green/yellow flushed red late season culinary apples. Highly recommended.

Grandpa Ailes - A seedling from an apple core brought back from Kazachstan, by Mr Ailes a former Reuters correspondent, growing near the sea at WoodyBay in North Devon. A highly flavoured mid to late season dessert variety with exceptional resistance to scab and canker. An example of the original wild Central Asian apple that all our domestic varieties descended from.

Lambourne Pippin – A chance seedling bred by Mrs Juleff of Bolingey in North Cornwall, three miles from the sea. A crisp, juicy, yellow-green late dessert apple. Vigorous and with good disease resistance it makes excellent clear well flavoured juice. 

Poltimore Seedling – The original old, now dead, tree was a seedling in the orchard of Mr Huffman at Poltimore Barton, Farway, near Honiton. It is a vigorous prolific scab resistant variety, producing large mid to late season mild sharp yellow apples suitable for cooking or cider.

Tidicombe Seedling – Originated as a seedling at Tidicombe House near Arlington in North Devon. A compact, bushy highly scab resistant tree producing high quality, Cox like, dessert fruit. Highly recommended.

Vicary’s Late Keeper – A highly disease resistant culinary variety, producing sharp apples that will keep until April. Grown in Dunster, West Somerset since the 1950s by Mr Vicary, from a seedling originating in New Zealand.