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Looking Good

Jan 23, 2014

Winter Stems That Dazzle in the Garden

A great proportion of the birches can create stunning effects in a bare winter garden. The main image on the home page shows Betula albo sinensis 'Septentrionalis' with the stems in glowing hues of silvery gold and pink.  

We have a good selection to choose from - the easiest way to choose is to visit the nursery look around our stock beds and arboretum. Our Tree Gallery on this website shows a very wide range of stems - and not just birches, from other genus too such as Acer and Prunus.  

Shown below are Betula albo sinensis 'Kenneth Ashburner' with the striking coppery reddy stems, and  Betula papyrifera 'St George' multistem in silvery tones. Betula albo sinensis 'Kenneth Ashburner' 

Betula papyrifera 'St Geiorge'