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Looking Good

Oct 10, 2013

Euonymus Create Garden Magic in the Autumn

Euonymus Create Garden Magic in the AutumnBerried fruit and autumn colour can be a magical addition to the garden at this time of year. Euonymus ‘Red Cascade’ shines out here.

It is a splendid large shrub with particularly large fruits for Euonymus and as shown turns a stunning rich red autumn colour.

There are quite a few other choices from this genus and we will whet your appetite with a sample. E. europaeus ‘Alba’ is a white-fruited form and can look good planted against red-stemmed trees such as Prunus serrula.

We also have our own selected form, E. europaeus ‘Thornhayes’, which has a more pendulous habit than ‘Red Cascade’, bronze autumn colour and persistent pink fruit.

Or simply plant a few native spindle in your hedge to add extra interest in late summer/autumn and more food for wild birds.