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Looking Good

Oct 2, 2014

Crabapples Fruiting Profusely this Autumn

Malus ‘Butterball’ is an excellent small to medium sized crab apple with huge crops of large glowing golden fruits that weigh the branches down. It is very resistant to scab and canker which makes it a reliably healthy tree for wet and windy gardens in the west of the country.

The autumn display of crab apples is truely splendid this year. There are many varieties to view on site at Thornhayes, throughout the arboretum, display garden and stock beds, so do pay us a visit.

For a more dainty berried tree perhaps try Malus transitoria 'Thornhayes Tansy' (below left) with its pretty yellow berries and finely dissected foliage. Equally worthy is Malus toringo arborescens (below right), another dainty small tree with small red cherry-like fruit.

Malus transitoria 'Thornhayes Tansy' Malus toringo arborescens