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A "Victim" of Recent Very Windy Weather

Nov 18, 2014

Saturated ground and severe winds cause a large standard apple tree to blow over in Thornhayes orchard
Whilst writing this newsletter with a southerly gale blowing outside a member of staff walked in to let me know that a large standard Ashmead’s Kernel apple tree I planted nearly twenty five years ago had just blown over. It’s very upsetting, but when dealing with the natural world, we have to establish why and then look for the positives. The why is easy. The ground is absolutely saturated from days of rain, the wind blew from a less common direction that the tree had not necessarily rooted to resist, but most importantly, due to the mild weather and it’s vigour, the tree was still in almost full leaf and thus like a full sail in the wind. Something had to give.The positives? It’s only one tree in an otherwise well stocked orchard, though unfortunately one of the best. A good pile of firewood will result. It provides a space to plant something else.