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Looking Good

Dec 2, 2014

Berried Festive Cheer for Wildlife

As we run up to Christmas many people think of Holly berries, Christmas trees and the like, but for the more imaginative amongst us there are other seasonal fruits providing display and also valuable food for the birds. Some of the more persistent decorative fruits that will stay on the trees to Christmas and beyond are to found on Crataegus lavallei ‘Carrierei’, Crataegus x grignoniensis, Malus ‘Red Sentinel’, Malus toringo arborescens (red fruits below) and Sorbus hupehensis (white berried tree below). Others of their tribes are now soft and being devoured by blackbirds, large chattering flocks of Fieldfares and other hungry relations.

 Malus toringo arborescensSorbus hupehensis