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Excellent Range in Containers for Planting

Apr 16, 2015

On the nursery we have a great selection of container grown trees and shrubs for planting throughout the spring

Easter generally marks the end of the bare root planting season, but here at Thornhayes we have plenty of container grown trees and shrubs that will be suitable for planting over the next few months. You are welcome to come and wander around the garden, arboretum and growing stock to seek inspiration and be wowed by some of the wonders of the plant kingdom. There are many beautiful magnolias in flower, and also cherries, crab apples and early flowering shrubs to choose from. The crabapple Malus hupehensis shown left, flowers April into May; Magnolia 'Leonard Messel' shown right, an earlier flowering magnolia from April.

Malus hupehensis blossomMagnolia Leonard Messel in flower