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Looking Good

May 14, 2015

Fruit in Full Blossom

In our orchards and demonstration areas down on the nursery in Devon a lot of top fruit has already flowered or is now in full flower. The selected image on the Home page is Quince 'Serbian Gold' which has the benefit of its beautiful subtle pink blossom now and a crop of large fruits in the Autumn. The orchard below is mainly large standard cider and dessert varieties which can cast enough shade to protect sheep on a very sunny May day. Please drop in to the nursery for advice and to look around our fruit areas during our usual opening hours. Of course for large quantities of fruit bare root planting in the winter is what we would advise but it is never too early to start planning your fruit garden and/or orchard areas. In addition do look at our Events and Courses page in case you are tempted to join one of our specialist fruit courses this year.

Orchard at Thornhayes in May 2015 - sheep grazing with new lambs