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Looking Good

Jun 23, 2015

Styrax japonicus flowering now

There are various shrubs and trees that you can select for blossom into the summer.Hoheria 'Borde Hill' Currently flowering now on our nursery in Devon is Styrax japonicus, a charming small tree with a profusion of pendant scented white flowers, sometimes called the snowdrop tree. Shown right is Hoheria angustifolia 'Borde Hill' which is an evergreen large shrub or small tree and produces masses of small white flowers that are very attractive to bees in July. Catalpa bignoniodes (below) is a vigorous medium to large tree with large leaves and in July beautifully scented white flowers marked red-purple in the throat. There are other species and forms with slightly different foliage colours and flowering times. Catalpa is often used as an urban shade tree on the continent. There are many other  flowering trees and shrubs to select from and the best option may be to come down to the nursery and view our arboretum and other display areas.

Catalpa bignoniodes